And the winner is ...

So today is the day!

We are announcing the winner of our contest
“Give your NGO a new look”!


Last month we marked RazionaleFantasia’s two year anniversary, and we figured that a nice way of celebrating this milestone would be by dedicating our pro bono work to those who are trying to make the world a better place: NGOs! So, we launched a contest called “Give your NGO a new look!”  and we invited nonprofit organizations worldwide to tell us a bit about their work and how our services could be of benefit for the overall mission of the organization. NGOs work arduously all year long, and often struggle to find the resources for marketing materials, and to invest in their branding strategies to ‘look good’ online. 

Selection Process

We received many submissions from NGOs around the world, but most of them came from Africa, Europe and Asia. The selection process was quite though. We spent time reading and evaluating the requests that each NGO made in reference to our services, and understanding the work that each organization does (we learned a lot from this research; many initiatives are really doing amazing work!). We created a spreadsheet as the one below for each NGO that we evaluated, and we designed a ranking system based on the four criteria for selection that had been previously established.  We chose three finalists and scheduled Skype interviews with them to further understand the scope of the work needed, key events, deadlines, and their commitment to establish a pro bono partnership with us. 

And the winner is…

Inspira-t!  RazionaleFantasia will be donating time, expertise and actual web and promotional design products to Inspira-t, an NGO working with the biggest percentage of the population suffering the demoralizing consequences of long term unemployment: youth. This NGO inspires millions of unemployed youth, and supports them to start their own projects and improve society, one community at the time. 

RazionaleFantasia has selected Inspira-t because this NGO demonstrated that the services that we could offer have lots of potential to effectively promote the organization’s next event. We identified a clear opportunity for a successful pro bono collaboration with this organization, and we valued the fact that they have comprehensive strategies for scalability and sustainability, thus the social impact in the short and long terms is very promising! For instance, they are envisioning and planning exciting projects to link youth from Europe with youth in Africa. 

For now, we are delighted to contribute with our services in helping Inspira-t to launch and promote their next big event coming very soon! RazionaleFantasia and Inspira-t have today agreed upon a Pro bono Agreement listing specific terms, deadlines and of course the services and materials that we will produce for them (which will account to approximately 25-30 hours of our time).

We want to express our gratitude towards all NGOs that participated. We would have been honored to work with so many projects. However, there will be other similar opportunities in 2015, so we invite you to stay tuned and sign up to receive updates from us!