Contest: Give your NGO a new look!

Two years ago we officially launched RazionaleFantasia, even though the inspiration had been blooming for a while. Now we want to celebrate by giving back!

We reflected over what would be a good way to celebrate our two year milestone, and we figured that it should be by doing pro bono work and showing our commitment to support those who are trying to make the world a better place.

Thus, we will donate our time, work and love to offer our expertise in Graphic Design and Nonprofit Management to help an NGO in need of a fresh look, and an effective branding strategy to further its mission, communicate, advocate and attract donors. 

  • Who should apply? Registered NGOs anywhere in the world, working on innovative and heartwarming projects.
  • Deadline: Monday, December 8th 2014, 17:00 (GMT)
  • Entry Requirements: Simply fill the form below by the deadline!
  • Selection Process: After the deadline we will review all form submissions and select three finalists. We will schedule a talk with each NGO finalist, and announce the winner by Dec. 22nd.
  • Criteria for Selection: We didn't write a long list of contest regulations nor conditions of entry. It's quite simple, we just felt that we wanted to help a good cause with our work. We will make a selection based on the following criteria:

- Sense that there is a vital need for our work  to support the NGO (25%)
- Relevance and feasibility of services needed by NGO (25%)
- Potential impact of our work in supporting the mission of the NGO (25%)
- Sense that there is a 'good match' and common grounds for fruitful collaboration (25%)


What services would your NGO need from us? *
Our skills and services offer a large mix of possibilities. Please choose the ones that better match your NGO's needs. You will be able to elaborate in the text field below.