Pro bono work for Inspira-t, a Barcelona NGO

In January, as part of the pro bono collaboration that we committed to do with Inspira-t -Barcelona NGO- we began our work by creating a set of different marketing materials for the organization (which accounted to approximately 25-30 hours of our time), and now that we've concluded our work with them last week, we would like to thank Inspira-t for the positive and fruitful collaboration, and for trusting us with important branding and marketing aspects of the organization. This NGO inspires millions of unemployed youth and supports them to start their own projects and improve society, one community at the time.

The results were very positive and we enjoyed the process of collaborating with Inspira-t. In addition to making new friends and learning a lot about their work, these are the materials that we produced:

LOGO Redesign for the organization

A logo redesign is a great opportunity to improve the appearance of the organization to the general public, and improve the brand's overall marketability. In this case, Inspira-t decided to update their logo and we presented a set of three proposals to them, shown below. After considering them and requesting some revisions, a new logo was chosen! We are proud to have contributed to the redesign of the new logo for Inspira-t!


Event marketing material

Inspira-t organized a round-table event  with young members from the community, and we contributed by designing some of the material to promote the event beforehand, including posters meant to grab the attention of potential attendees, and online social media banners as well. Below are the final posters:


Infographic as an outreach tool

We also designed an Infographic as an outreach tool intended to describe the overall mission of the organization. Social content is visual, and Infographics are a great way to make content stand out. Most of our previous Infographics have simplified complicated subjects, summarized data or simply presented different topics in a captivating manner. In this case, Inspira-t's Infographic has a compelling way of communicating the work that they do, and inviting others to join! 


Kudos to Inspira-t for the amazing work they carry out, and a special thanks for the kind words left by Eugenia Gargallo in this lovely recommendation of our work for them!