This questionnaire is intended to give guidance as to what will help us to produce your infographic. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and hit submit when you’re done. If you don’t know the answer to a question, or you don’t think it’s relevant, just leave it blank. If you have any brand guidelines that need to be followed, please email them to us at

Name of the key contact person for this Infographic.
What is the infographic’s objective? What are you trying to express with the data?
Please describe the audiences that you wish to reach.
Is there a title that has been already discussed or considered? If not, you can simply write down some ideas, or leave this blank for the time being.
Is the data and/or information to be used in the infographic already finalized? If so, you could copy and paste it here, or send it to us by email to (any preliminary ideas are also welcomed).
Any specific criteria the infographic must meet? For example size, orientation, file size, etc. We will try to meet your requests as much as possible, but we will also provide advise and suggestions based on our experience creating Infographics.
Have you seen other works that inspired you and that you would like us to see? You may include some examples you like here (URL's are fine).